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Voicing is the technique of creating the perfect sound for your piano. Not many piano technicians venture into building tone in a piano hammer. I personally enjoy the challenge and have full belief in this necessary process.

Generally, people think of voicing as sticking needles into the hammers, although this is a part of voicing and tone building, there are many other steps in the process before the needling. The action needs to be precisely regulated, the strings need to be seated, lifted and leveled. The hammers need to be filed to the proper shape and mated with the leveled strings and the tuning needs to be stable, precise and musical.

Then there are specific needling methods. There are precise locations for different brands and types of hammers. This experience and knowledge is what I bring forward in the voicing and tone building process. I can use my expertise in voicing to create a fuller sound and regulate the volume level. The perfect piano tone is subjective from one client’s needs to another, therefore I highly recommend annual voicing of the piano, in order to maintain its optimal sound, tone and over all beauty.

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