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Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning

My tuning method is whole-tone, open-string tuning. This is the most authentic process of tuning. I honor this custom used by all concert tuners since the turn of the century. Whether I am tuning for you in the comfort of your home, or studio or any concert venue, I use this method. Electronic tuning devices arrived and tuning by ear lost out to a quicker (and shallower process)

I have decided not to use an electronic tuner. I simply don’t trust them. Lesser tuners have come to rely on them but there is nothing more trustworthy that the good ear of an “old school” tuner.

A good tuning will maximize the beauty of the piano and can radically change the player’s perception of the piano’s touch and tone. I love witnessing the reactions of artists and clients, pre and post tunings. To witness the joy they feel as they sit down to perform or record is their gift to me, as my tuning is a gift in it of itself to the piano and pianist.

I can tune by appointment for private users as well a schedule times for preshow tunings and intermission touch up tunings.

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