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Purchasing From Me

The Piano Boutique sells reconditioned and custom-restored vintage pianos. By choosing and using the finest materials and the most highly developed craft & protocols we find, we produce a tone and touch that is perfect. As it has been proven in my piano building experience, if I please myself, if I like the way the instrument sounds and feels, there’s a very good chance that you’ll like it too.

The Piano Boutique has some world-class, hand-selected and extraordinary pianos for sale. If I don’t have what you are looking for on the floor, I will find it, fix it and deliver it to you. This is what I love to do.

My goal is for The Piano Boutique to be known as a place where you can walk in and play some fantastic pianos and my hope is you can find a piano that works for you at whatever price point you need. I have a collection of beautiful pianos for both a small and large investment. It changes regularly, so you need to come by to see what I have. There’s never any pressure, because the you’ll be either deeply impressed with my pianos, build a trust for me and we’ll figure out a way for you to get a great piano or if not, I can suggest other places in my network that you might. It’s great place to start. Think Macy’s vs Gimbel’s in Miracle on 34th St. No stress. Really easy.

Selling Your Piano To Me

You have many ways to sell your piano and below I have tried to explain the more usual suggestions.

You can pick up the phone or drop an e-mail to michael@thepianoboutique.com. I am always interested in what is for sale and particularly so if it is a Steinway or Yamaha. You might get a better price for your instrument if you try to sell it yourself in the open market but be aware of the many pitfalls. Having been involved in selling pianos for years I can honestly say it is not an easy task. You will need to be in a good location, available at all times, have the piano well prepared and in tune and be able to answer the many questions that might come your way. You might also meet some interesting people, some just a bit too interesting.

You could look at putting the piano to auction but remember the price realised at auction will not be what you end up with. You will be responsible for the transport to and from, with taxes added to this price and you will be charged a hefty commission if it’s sold. If it does not sell you have the cost of return transport or storage fees and more transport costs for another try at auction. It might also make you take a deep breath when you see what the buyer actually pays for your piano when you calculate the buyer’s premium and taxes on top of the hammer price.

You can always consider a consignment sale with The Piano Boutique. I can assist with a trusted and personal service to sell your piano, everything is fully explained and the piano is always your property until you are paid in full at the close of a successful sale.

Your piano does not leave our premises until you are paid and happy with all arrangements. Once a cost is given to you for selling your piano on consignment there are no other charges, we pay for everything including transport to us and all instruments are fully insured while in our care.

Whichever way you decide to sell your piano remember the choice is yours, don’t let anyone talk you into something you are not sure or happy with. Because The Piano Boutique stocks a range of pianos, we also buy pianos. If your piano matches what The Piano Boutique is looking for, I will pay you a visit and do an onsite appraisal. The Piano Boutique is always very fair with evaluations. We can work out a mutually acceptable amount for sale or exchange.

To find out a ballpark amount of how much your piano is worth and to let me know what you have to sell, email your appraisal request and photos to: michael@thepianoboutique.com